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5 Ways To Have A Relaxing Holiday Season

The famous Christmas carol, Deck The Halls, is a song that almost everyone knows. It captures the essence of what the holiday season is all about: ‘Tis the Season To Be Jolly. But all too often, work schedules, deadlines, holiday meals, holiday traffic, office parties, shopping, and loads of stress can cause us to lose sight of the entire reason for the season.

We've come up with five ways to help you have a relaxing holiday season.

1. Spend Time With Those You Love

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, our loved ones often take a back seat to everything we have packed into our schedules. Enjoying those closest to you doesn’t necessarily mean that a formal event be planned or an elaborate meal be prepared. Pick up the phone and call someone you haven't spoken to in a while or schedule a coffee date with your favorite person. They’ll appreciate spending time with you.

2. Be Grateful

Enjoy every moment of the holiday season. While you are gathering with friends and family, be in the moment. Appreciate the laughter, togetherness, and the reason for the season. Instead of singing the 12 days of Christmas, go around the room and have everyone tell of one thing for which they are grateful. It will definitely put a smile on your face!

3. Volunteer

We definitely feel like hypocrites mentioning the idea of volunteering. Each year, our family talks about it and have yet to take action by volunteering. The fact is - most of our schedules are too full and we barely have time to research where and how to volunteer in the community. For those of you who have the extra time, do a quick internet search for opportunities to help locally. If you need a starting point, reach out to The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. For those of you that are too busy to volunteer, try participating in a toy drive, sponsoring a ‘Secret Santa', or donating to the local food bank. You’ll be glad you did!

4. Give Experiences, not ‘Stuff’

Why spend hours in traffic, fighting crowds in the shopping malls or time in long lines for gifts that will more than likely be stuffed in a closet or under the bed (or worse, re-gifted)? Studies show that we have too much stuff. That is why storage facilities are such a booming business right now.

Instead of gifting "stuff" that people really don't need, consider giving an experience, such as concert tickets, a fire-cupping session at Vida Pura Spa in Baton Rouge, or even a Fleauxt experience. We promise that the recipient will remember the experience for years to come!

5. STOP and Do Nothing!

What a novel idea! Let’s use the holiday season to stop, recharge, and remember the reason we’re celebrating this time of year. We understand that the days leading up to December 25 can be a little challenging. However, what about December 26th? Make a commitment to yourself, add an appointment reminder on your phone, and then do something that is unplugged from the outside world. Try your favorite hobby or read a book. If you’re having trouble turning off the outside world, you can always Fleauxt.

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