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What Not To Do Before A Float Session!

When people schedule a float session, I always remind them:

  • Limit caffeine several hours before the session. If you are jacked up on caffeine, it will be hard to relax.

  • Don’t shave the day of the appointment. The salty water can sting freshly shaven skin for about the first 10 minutes of your float.

  • Eat a small meal. The last thing you want disrupting your float is a growling stomach.

I need to practice what I preach!

It’s been a while since I floated (I am human and forget to take care of myself), so when I got the chance last week, I jumped in the float tub for my 60-minute float.

As I stepped in, my legs started to sting. Darnit…I shaved that morning! After several minutes, I didn’t notice it anymore. Now, time to relax.

The rhythm of my heart beat was so fast, that it felt like it made waves in the water. Was my heart racing because I was excited to float?

Then I remembered, I drank 3 cups of coffee earlier. I started breathing deeper to get my heartrate down. It worked.

Time to relax.

I know the float tub is sound proof, so what was the noise I was hearing? It was a very loud growling sound. Then I remembered I hadn’t eaten anything all day. The sound was my stomach telling me to eat!

The first 20-minutes of my float were spent trying to fix the things that we tell our clients not to do before their session.

The remaining 40-minutes were a blur. Did I fall asleep? Was I dreaming? Were my eyes open or closed? Where did the time go? Those are the questions I asked myself when the light came on, indicating my float session was over.

Next float, I will definitely practice what I preach!

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Jamie, Fleauxt Owner

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