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Less vs More: Which Is Really Better?

At the start of each New Year, most people make resolutions that are intended to improve their lives and accomplish goals. After all, we only have one life to live and we try to make the best of it.

Though we have great intentions, more often than not, we lose sight of the goals by the end of January and completely forget about them by the time spring arrives. Sadly, it has been proven that New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

What if we’re focusing in on the wrong goals? Often, we try to:

  • exercise "X" number of days per week,

  • lose weight,

  • eat healthier, or

  • >>>insert your new year resolution here.<<<

Maybe “more” activities, “more” things to juggle, and “more” things to think about are not the best solution to living our best lives. What if these things are more than what we can reasonably fit into our busy schedules and more than our bodies can handle given the stress of daily life?

We encourage you to think a bit differently this year. Rather than setting goals to fit “more” into your schedule and check more boxes on your list of accomplishments, consider doing less by setting these types of goals instead:

1. Do Less This Year

At first, setting a goal to accomplish less in 2019 doesn’t seem like a good idea. You may feel like you’re short changing yourself or maybe thinking that this is being lazy. But don't worry, you won’t regret it!

Think back to your last vacation and how for the first few days were full of rest and really weren’t that productive. However, after the first couple days, you were able to get a lot completed.

By fitting less into your schedule, you may actually accomplish more of the things you want to get done in 2019.

2. Take One Hour A Week For Yourself

Most of us are busy in our careers, raising children, looking after aging parents, going to school or

fighting the Baton Rouge traffic. Sometimes it feels like we have to push harder and faster to get everything done. We have a question for you. Have you ever considered that life will work better if you spend a few minutes each week on self-care? Anne Lamott summed this up very well when she said, “Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you."

Taking an hour for yourself each week doesn’t have to be hard or even done all at once. Try:

  • Three 20-minute walks each week.

  • Commit to daily meditations when you first wake up (search “Guided Meditation” on Youtube), or

  • Join the Fleauxt Club where you’re able to spend the whole hour focusing on yourself. This will be good for your body, mind and well-being.

3. Enjoy Hobbies

If you’re like the rest of us, interests and hobbies take a back seat to all other priorities. Let’s face it, life is a better when we’re looking forward to doing something interesting and fun.

What do you consider fun? If it’s painting, then paint. Knitting, then knit. Or do you want to learn a new skill? Then learn! Whatever you are interested in, make sure you schedule the time so that YOU become a priority.

Are you ready to do less and have more in 2019?

Cheers to an amazing year,

~The Fleauxt Team

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