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Floating For Creativity

Pictured above is a glimpse of the wonderful art created by local Baton Rouge artist, Kimberly Meadowlark of Meadowlark Artistry, which is hanging on the walls at Fleauxt.

Would you believe that the inspiration for this art actually came from float sessions?

It's true! We brought Kimberly on board to help us design some art for the walls, but we wanted it to be inspired by floating.

Initially, she was hesitant to the idea of floating, but after showing her our wonderful spacious tubs, Kimberly decided to give it a go. She ended up really enjoying her float sessions. With each float, she was able to relax further and came out with a different inspiration for each piece of artwork.

Eventually, Kimberly created three wonderful paintings in our lobby and later added additional pieces in our hallways. Come in and check them out if you haven't yet. They are absolutely amazing!

Floatation Therapy can boost creativity!

The Wikipedia page for Floatation therapy begins to describe some benefits of floating related to creativity:

"In a float tank the theta state can last for several minutes without the subject losing consciousness. Some use the extended theta state as a tool for enhanced creativity and problem solving. Spas sometimes provide commercial float tanks for use in relaxation. Flotation therapy has been academically studied in the USA and in Sweden with published results showing reduction of both pain and stress. The relaxed state also involves lowered blood pressure and maximal blood flow."

"Extended theta state" - Your brain produces different types of electrical impulses that are called brainwaves. Theta is a brainwave that is produced when you are in a meditative or light sleep state (right before you fall into a deeper sleep).

Have you ever had a really great day dream that gave you insight into a project you're working on or a problem you're trying to solve? The float tub is an amazing environment to help trigger this state!

"Maximal blood flow" - Our brain needs blood to thrive (of course, the rest of your body benefits from good blood flow as well). Improved blood flow will help your brain function at it's best.

Have you ever gone for a walk to get your blood flowing and found it helpful for thinking clearer? One of the reasons is improved blood flow. Floating will actually help you out in this area as well!

A clear mind leaves room for new ideas!

"Think about it deeply, then just forget it. The answer will jump out at you."- A confident Don Draper tells his assistant Peggy in Season 1 of Mad Men.

Taking time to think through a problem, then completely clearing your mind of it can actually produce ideas that we would otherwise never come to. Letting go of the problem you've gotten so close to leaves room for completely radical ideas to come in.

What better place to let go of an idea than in an environment where you do NOTHING? Floating immediately takes away all the external stimulus we normally have to sort through. It's a great place to just let things go.

Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

Have a big problem to solve? Working on a new masterpiece? Come and see what a float can do!

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