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Why We Fleauxt

Hello there! Welcome to the first blog post ever for Fleauxt!

If we haven't gotten the chance to meet yet, my name is John Foval and I'm the manager over here at Fleauxt. I'm very excited to be serving the community here in Baton Rouge at the Red Stick's first ever Floatation and Dry Salt Therapy (halotherapy) center!!!

Why do I (John) Float??

So this first blog post will focus on why I personally like to float. Well, for starters, I heard about floating from the famous podcaster, comedian and sports announcer, Joe Rogan.... Joe can certainly get far out with his ideas at times and talk about some strange things but I generally enjoy his conversations. He has become a huge advocate of floating (he refers mostly to float "chambers" and "sensory deprivation" but we're all talking about essentially the same thing) and I ended up watching a clip of him discussing the benefits of floating and how it has helped him learn to "let go" and as he stated "even letting go of letting go." You can watch the video here:

To give a little background on myself, I've been a big fan of having a home meditation practice for quite some time. I have a simple meditation routine where I practice basically just being still and quieting my mind for 10-20 minutes a day (usually in the mornings). One of the ways I do this is by practicing and learning to "let go". Now that is something that sounds really simple but can actually be quite hard to understand and especially difficult in practice. To be brief, it mostly involves learning to observe thoughts/feelings/emotions that naturally pop into our bodies and minds and letting those things just be what they are. For example, having a thought about your work and just noticing that thought but not attaching a judgement or stopping to "worry about it". This is the beginning of "letting go".

So meditation at home was a great start, but after hearing about floating for the first time it sounded like something I certainly had to try! The idea that you can block out external stimulus (ability to turn the lights off in the float tub, wearing ear plugs so you don't have noise distractions, the water is the same temperature as your skin so you don't feel it after a while, etc) was amazing to me and I could see how it would benefit my home meditation practice as well as overall wellbeing and even personal growth!

Floating for me (as I imagined it would be) was an instant game changer....Even in my first few experiences I began to see the benefits of shutting off external stimuli. I found that I could get into "the zone" where I was "letting go" of things much quicker and easier in my home meditation practice and even in my day to day life when I would have stressful moments.

I've been an advocate of floating ever since. If you ever want to sit and talk about floating...I'm your guy! It's crazy how much you can talk about doing nothing!

How can floating help you?

  • Stress Management- We all experience it. Whether it's big looming life changes or just day to day work stress, most of us live with a good amount of stress. Practicing things like meditation and experiencing floating can have HUGE impacts on the way you deal with that stress. First off, you have the obvious benefit of relieving your stress by stopping to not worry about it for a minute! Lots of times I find myself stressing about stressing! How crazy is that!

  • Stopping Life’s Noise- I'm sure you experience stress from a little electronic square you carry in your pocket...your phone! When is the last time you turned that thing off?? Floating gives you a solid hour (or more) to just turn the darn thing off!

  • Learning to “Let Go”- When you learn how to "let go" with flotation therapy you can actually start to go to that place of "letting go" in your daily life! When you're in the moment in a stressful situation, you can sort of step back and let things go much easier when you've practiced it in the float tub. You begin to learn how to go to a certain mental state where you think more clearly and begin to let things just be. It's incredibly relaxing...the stress can just melt away.

Don't take my word for it...come try it yourself if you haven't already! At Fleauxt, we have great packages for your first time floating with us!

Learn more on our website (Fleauxt.com) or give us a call anytime at 225-283-0520.

See you soon!

John (and the Fleauxt Team)

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