Dry Salt Therapy FAQ

What do I wear during a dry salt session?......You can wear whatever you like! Keep in mind you'll have a slight salt dust on you when you leave, but it's essentially harmless to clothing and can be brushed off upon leaving Fleauxt. (Athletic clothing seems to be most common simply because it exposes a bit of skin while keeping you comfortable, but we've had people wearing all sorts of different clothes in our salt room and it works just fine!)

If I'm not sick why should I book a Dry salt session?...Dry salt isn't just for the sick! Far from it! Dry salt is great for improving and maintaining general well being! (It's used by athletes to improve lung function, it's naturally relaxing, and it's healthy for your skin!)

How will I feel after a dry salt session?..........Reactions to our dry salt therapy of course vary, but generally you'll leave with a nice relaxing sensation (dry salt helps your brain produce serotonin) and a clean/clear respiratory system. However, sometimes if you have a current cold, cough, or sinus infection the therapy will bring up so much "junk" that you may actually feel a bit worse immediatly following a dry salt session. This is a somewhat common response and most of our customers that experience this report not reaping the benefits until they have a night of sleep. Repeating the sessions every day or two can help tackle the sickness as well. Drink plenty of fluids and get some rest! 

How often should I come in for a dry salt session?....You can come as often as you like! Many times coming once a day or every other day can help tackle a sickness (cough, sinus infection, etc). If you're simply maintaining good health once a week is great as well!

Is there somewhere to put my stuff so it doesn't get salty?......The salt is usually harmless so often times you can set things under your chair or hold onto your belongings. (we even use our cellphones in there sometimes, however, use at your own risk!) If not, we have a spot where you can place your belongings to keep them from getting salty! Just ask for assistance! 

*Make sure to check out our dry salt classes as well! We offer classes throughout the week in the large dry salt room. Classes are the same price as a normal Dry Salt Session!