Massage Therapy


At Fleauxt, we customize every massage to the client. Prior to each treatment, we will discuss areas of concern and tailor a massage specific to your needs. The custom therapeutic massage allows us to fine tune the amount of pressure and stretching used on a client-by-client basis.


We will help increase your circulation and open channels of blood flow so your lymphatic system cleanses the body. The increased blood flow will also aid in nourishing the soft tissues. Stretching techniques also help with lengthening and relaxing your muscles.



Meet Our Therapist:

Roneshia McGhee


I have a real niche for relaxation or Swedish massages. All of my massages include relaxation techniques, whether it's swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, hot stone, CBD or aromatherapy. I carefully listen during the consultation to determine the issues the client is having and what they want resolved during the session. This helps to ensure that I am offering customizable therapeutic massages based on the client's needs.


To improve flexibility, range of motion and keep the joints of the body fluid, I include stretching throughout the massage. I also enjoy incorporating CBD oil, essential oils, hot stones and hot towels to help heighten relaxation. So, for those looking for a massage where touch meets the body and soothes the soul, I am the best therapist for the job!