Fleauxt Is Permanently Closed

In the summer of 2015, we decided to open Fleauxt in Baton Rouge. Just a few months later, we welcomed people in our community to try our amazing services: Floatation Therapy and Dry Salt Therapy. My husband, Curtis, and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know each and every person who walked through our doors. Things were going better than expected, until…

Just 2 months before Fleauxt’s first anniversary, our community experienced The Great Flood of 2016. We are truly grateful that the business did not experience any physical damage. However, we did experience our first slow time which lasted many months.

Although Fleauxt did not have physical damage, our home was a total loss due to 4.5 feet of water. Like many, we did not have flood insurance and the quote to rebuild was way too much money. It did not make sense for us to take on more debt. So, we decided not to rebuild. We chose to pursue a new opportunity in another state. We left Fleauxt in good hands with a team we trusted.

Although we were living in another state, we were still involved in the business. We made several trips to Baton Rouge to visit, work the front desk, have face-to-face team meetings and train new team members. This worked well for us, until…

In summer of 2018, one of our loyal team members resigned from Fleauxt, so we put another team member in charge of manager duties, which included handling our cash deposits. At the same time, my husband had to travel to Canada to visit his terminally ill mother. After she passed, he made several more trips to take make sure his dad was taken care of. This family situation caused us to not focus on Fleauxt. We took our eyes off for a bit and it was one of the biggest business mistakes we have ever made.


In early 2019, when it was time to gather tax information, I noticed that the person in charge of cash deposits never deposited cash into our bank account for several months. After a lot of investigating, we discovered that she stole money and did other shady things which cost us close to $10,000. It took time to recover from the theft and deceit. Things started to look promising, until…

Just as we start bouncing back, COVID-19 hits and we are forced to close our doors for an unspecified amount of time. Although no money is coming in, rent is still due, utilities must be paid, and all other costs associated with running a business are accumulating. The little amount we had saved was used to cover these costs. And unfortunately, there is no more money.

It is with great sadness that we announce the permanent closure of Fleauxt. This difficult decision stems from this pandemic which has caused a significant financial hardship to our business during our most busiest time of year. We understand that loan options are available, but the small amount offered to us is not enough to cover the loss and the loss we would continue to experience for many months on out. Again, it does not make sense for us to take on more debt. We've considered every option and just do not see a way out of this situtation.

Please know that we are heart-broken we are unable to provide refunds on credits or gift certificates. We never imagined that anything of this magnitude would happen to our business and no one can prepare for this sort of thing to happen.

We enjoyed meeting all of you in the last 4.5 years and appreciate all your support. Hearing how our services helped you and reading the entries in our Fleauxt journal were some of the most fulfilling moments of our lives.

Please remember that no matter what life throws your way, you should always: Relax. Breathe. Fleauxt.


Thank you for supporting us, Baton Rouge!

Stay Salty,

The Fleauxt Team